County Court Judgments

CCJ Myth Buster

What is a County Court Judgment? If you are unfamiliar with the world of CCJs it can be difficult to work out what they actually entail and what they can mean for your credit rating.

There is plenty of misinformation out there, about County Court Judgments and the consequences. We feel it's important to expose these myths so that people aren't encouraged to take reckless actions, while also assuring those who are intimidated by the system that there is a way to resolve the problems, and a route back to a strong credit file.

Here, we find out the truth behind some of the most common CCJ myths.



If you are issued a County Court Judgment, it is impossible to get credit...

The Truth

While it is true that the 'regular' card providers are more likely to turn you down if a CCJ is on your credit file (and rejections will only further harm your credit outlook), specialist lenders like Vanquis regularly deal with those who have one or more CCJs in their credit history. While your circumstances are taken into account, within the first six months of an unsatisfied CCJ you may find it difficult to get credit from anyone. After a minimum of six months of showing you have been meeting all financial obligations (or after you’ve satisfied any CCJs), it should be easier to get credit with a specialist lender. In fact, borrowing responsibly and regularly meeting credit card bill payments can actually help rebuild your credit rating after a CCJ. If you'd like to find out more about this, take a look at our FAQs or our CCJ process chart and recovery tips.

If you have satisfied your CCJ and would like to apply for a Vanquis Credit Card, click here.

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