Gender Pay Gap Report 2017



Our Gender Pay Gap Report

As part of the Provident Financial Group, we are committed to supporting diversity and creating an inclusive culture for our employees and other stakeholders, including our customers, suppliers and contractors.


Our Pay and Bonus Gender Gap as at April 5th 2017:

This table shows the overall mean and median gender pay gap based on hourly rates of pay as at April 5th 2017. It also shows the mean and median bonuses paid for the 2016 performance year.


  Mean Median
Hourly Pay 27.7% 14.4%
Bonus 70.2% 21.8%


Colleagues awarded a bonus:


A marginally higher percentage of women at Vanquis were paid a bonus for their performance in 2016.

Male Bonus Percentage

Female Bonus Percentage


Gender Bonus Awards Key

Gender representation by pay quartiles:

The charts below present the gender distribution at Vanquis Bank across four equally sized pay quartiles. Each quartile consists of around 375 colleagues. The data shows there is a higher proportion of female colleagues in the first three quartiles, compared to the upper pay quartile.


Lower Pay Quartile

Pay Quartile 2

Pay Quartile 3

Highest Pay Quartile

Pay Quartile Key


At Vanquis, we believe our gender pay gap is driven by the current structure of our workforce where we have a higher percentage of males in leadership roles. We are committed to building a better gender balance in leadership roles rather than just setting numerical targets and believe this can be achieved by having more focussed action around attracting, retaining and developing female talent to reach leadership roles.


As part of the Provident Financial Group, we know that our long-term success relies on ensuring that we reflect the many diverse communities we serve so that we’re able to deliver the products and services that our customers need.


I confirm that the data presented in this statement is accurate.


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