How to be energy efficient and save money at home


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Rising rates on energy bills have driven more of us to look for ways of making our homes more cost efficient, and this can partly be done by living more sustainably. While there are some sustainable changes that include a large upfront cost, there are several options you can choose which are cheap and can save you money. We looked at how you can make your home more energy efficient and help reduce your annual bills.


Lower Your Thermostat

This may sound obvious, but it is an option often overlooked. Fear not, you don’t have to turn down your heating to the point you are left shivering during the winter. Simply turning your thermostat down by 1C can save you around £75 per year.


Change Your Lightbulbs

Despite lighting taking up around 15% of a typical household’s electricity bill, it’s a utility cost which can easily be reduced. Other than ensuring lights are switched off in any unused areas of the house, many homeowners are now switching to LED bulbs. LEDs are just as bright as your traditional bulbs but are more energy efficient and can lost a lot longer. By switching to LED bulbs, you can save up to £35 each year.


Invest in Insulation

Many of us in the UK live in homes over a hundred years old and are therefore often behind the times in terms of the latest eco efficiency practices. Around a quarter of heat is lost through the roof which can cause a huge rise in your energy bills. There will be an upfront cost, but adding insulation to your loft or attic is a simple way of keeping that heat in and can shave £215 off your annual bills.


Stop Using Standby

Saving energy doesn’t get much cheaper than this. It’s easy to leave our television sets and laptops on standby, but the impact on your electricity bill is not so easy to stomach. Getting into the habit of switching off devices properly can save between £50 and £86 each year.


Check Your Boiler

Boilers are another opportunity to save some of that hard-earned cash. While initial installation can have a cost involved, the long term gains from a more efficient condensing boiler can be up to £310 per year.


Use Technology

As we are all aware, technology is changing the world. It is also becoming more accessible and more affordable. There are now a number of smart thermostat options which allow you to control your heating from your smartphone, possibly saving you £150 each year. Again, there would be a small initial cost, but the money it would save in the long term would justifying the cost. Some options will recognise that you are on your way home from work and switch the heating on for you!


Switch to a Water Meter

Water is a resource which is often overused in the home, meaning water bills are often a lot more than we think; but there are ways to conserve water and save some money at the same time. Switching to a water meter won’t cost you anything and can possibly save you £100 off your bill each year. Shower timers are also a great way to let you know when you have used too much water. A great solution for anyone spending too long in the bathroom!



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