How to Become a Vanquis Affiliate


Vanquis now offers affiliates the chance to earn commission from successful applications for Vanquis’ credit cards.

About Vanquis

Vanquis Bank is a UK based credit card company, formed in 2002 and have now approved over 3.5 million (correct as of July 2017) customers in the UK, providing customers with a credit limit that reflects their needs. Vanquis prides itself on being a responsible lender and open about its pricing and products, so that customers can manage an account responsibly and improve their credit rating through regular, sensible use.


What is an Affiliate?

An online affiliate is a website owner/company which receives a reward or affiliate commission for introducing a customer to a product or service. The new Vanquis affiliate programme is designed to award affiliates with a cash incentive following each successful application for a Vanquis credit card referred by that affiliate partner.


How to Become an Affiliate?

To become a member of the Vanquis affiliate scheme, please click on the 'apply now' button below and a member of the OMG Affiliate Network will work with you to find out more about your website and its suitability to join our programme.


Affiliate Scheme Details

Please note that affiliate commission is paid upon accepted application for a Vanquis credit card. Applications are offered to residents of the UK only, including those with previous CCJs (now cleared) or credit problems in the past.


Apply to become an affiliate