Financial Management - Repair a Bad Credit Score

  • Repair an adverse credit score.
  • Manage your finances more effectively.
  • Increase your income.
  • Never ignore bill or debt payment problems.

How to repair an adverse credit score

If you suffer from adverse credit you're not alone. Over 7,000 people like you visit Citizens Advice Bureaux with debt problems every day. Ignoring the problem isn’t the answer. We can help get you started by giving you the opportunity to start to repair your credit with our adverse credit card. The good news is that there are some straightforward measures that you can take for yourself that will really help too.

Managing your finances more effectively

  • Set yourself manageable financial goals. Where do you want to be in 1 month, 3 months, 1 year and 3 years?
  • Write down all your outgoings for each month, such as mortgage/rent, council tax, utility bills, food and travel.
  • Take away your outgoings from your money coming in and if there's any left give yourself a budget for extras like clothes, savings or paying off debt.
  • If your outgoings are more than the money coming in then you either need to reduce them or try and increase your income.

Ideas for reducing outgoings

  • Search online price comparison sites to get the cheapest price on items.
  • Search for cheaper utility providers.
  • Turn down your heating a degree or two and you'll save money and the environment.
  • Be ruthless and cut everything you don't really need.

Ideas for increasing income

  • Look out for a new job or career change.
  • Ask for paid overtime at work.
  • Make money from an interest or hobby.
  • Sell off unwanted belongings at a car boot sale or online.

Sharing your problems always makes them seem more manageable, and whatever your situation there should be a way out. Talk to your local Citizens Advice Bureau for advice.

Don't ignore problems

Never ignore demands for bill or debt payments. It won't make the problems go away and will only get you an adverse credit rating which can usually be avoided. If you are having difficulty paying, always talk to the organisation concerned and get independent advice. There's usually a solution.

Build or Rebuild your credit with a Vanquis Credit Card

  • Manageable starting Credit Limit of between £150 and £1,000^.
  • You could get a Credit Limit increase after your 5th statement and further increases every 5 months, up to £4,000*^
  • Exclusively UK based Customer Service.
  • Online account servicing & SMS alerts.


To build your credit rating and be considered for credit limit increases, use your card sensibly, stay within your credit limit and pay your monthly minimum payment on time. Not doing so could harm your credit rating and make obtaining credit more difficult.

Representative 39.9% APR (variable)

World Vanquis Credit Card with slant mirror effect