County Court Judgments – Can You Get a Credit Card?


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*To build your credit rating and be considered for credit limit increases, use your card sensibly, stay within your credit limit and pay your monthly minimum payment on time. Not doing so could harm your credit rating and make obtaining credit more difficult.

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County Court Judgments and Credit Cards

Anyone who has been subject to a County Court Judgement (‘CCJ’) has that registered on the Register of County Court Judgments, which is checked by credit reference agencies. The presence of a CCJ may make it difficult to get credit in the UK.


However Credit Cards for People with Bad Credit History or CCJ Credit Cards can provide an option. Vanquis Bank will consider applications from people with CCJs on their credit history.


By applying today for a Vanquis Credit Card, it is possible to make a start towards repairing a credit rating damaged by a CCJ. Over 3 million people+ have already been accepted for a Vanquis Bank Visa Card including many with poor credit histories or County Court Judgments.



CCJs in England and Wales

If a person fails to pay a debt, the creditor can start proceedings in the County Court which can result in a County Court Judgement or CCJ being made against the debtor. If a debtor fails to pay the sum stated on the CCJ, then the person who is owed the money can apply for a charging order to secure the money owed against property owned by the debtor. Alternatively, an attachment of earnings order requires the person’s employer to take money from the debtor’s salary and send it to the Court.


A person can pay the full amount specified on the CCJ within 28 days. However, if the sum stipulated by the CCJ is paid after 28 days it will still remain on the credit file but will be marked ‘satisfied’.


Having a CCJ on a credit file may affect a person’s access to credit in the future, including access to mortgages, car loans or other forms of credit, as it may be seen as a sign of how likely it is that a person will repay any money loaned. The more recent the CCJ the greater the impact it is likely to have on a credit score obtained by a lender’s credit search.


While the impact of a CCJ will lessen with time, provided a person is responsible with all their expenses and payment obligations, one way to rebuild a credit rating after a County Court Judgment is to take out a Vanquis credit building card and meet all payment obligations on time.


** Subject to Payment & Terms and Conditions, please see Existing Customers.