Managing your Loans account


Vanquis is working to support its customers whilst the economy and country are affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Vanquis Loans Guidance

If you are experiencing financial difficulty because of coronavirus e.g. your workplace has been shut, your hours have been reduced, or you cannot work, we know you may be worried about how you’re going to cope financially.


Please get in touch as soon as possible. We have a dedicated team that will be sensitive to your individual circumstances and will be able to provide you with the appropriate support and assistance.


How to contact us


TEXT: Please text us your name and a brief summary of your circumstances to 07860 031 011 and our support teams will be in contact shortly.


TEXT opening hours

Monday to Friday



          08:00 - 20:00

          08:00 - 14:30



CALL: 0330 003 5803*


As most of our colleagues are working from home, we have fewer people available to take your call. However, our contact telephone number is free to call from both landlines and mobiles, so whilst it may take a little longer to get through to us, you can rest assured you are not being charged for the call.


Click here for our current opening hours.

Vanquis Loan Payment Freeze

If you’ve not had a payment freeze with us already, the deadline to apply has now passed. However, if you’re in need of support we have a range of options to support you – please get in touch as soon as possible to discuss these.

My payment freeze is coming to an end, what happens now?

We’ll be in touch again before your payment freeze ends to remind you that you’ll need to make your normal contractual monthly payments again. After the payment freeze, you’ll need to make your monthly payments again in the normal way.



Your Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) may have been cancelled when you applied for a payment freeze. You may need to call us to set up a new one on 0333 003 5803*.

We're here to help

If you have previously had a payment freeze and this is coming to an end or has already ended, and you still need further assistance please contact us.


You can also find helpful information on the FCA ‘Dealing with financial difficulties during the coronavirus pandemic’.

How can I make my monthly loan payment?

We recommend you set up an automatic payment method such as a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) - you can do this by calling us on 0333 003 5803*


You can also make payments by bank transfer - to do this, you need the details below:

  1. Our sort code: 56-00-36
  2. Our account number: 38788713
  3. Your Loan ID (a 12-digit reference number starting 101 or 102)


I don't know my loan reference number

Don’t worry, you can still find your Loan ID in one of the following ways:

  • Search your email inbox for “Vanquis Loans”. Your initial email from us includes your Loan ID
  • Check any letters received from Vanquis Loans. Your Loan ID is located near the letter header.
  • To receive your Loan ID by SMS, please text:
  • Your "REF ID" and
  • Your name

to 07860 031 011. We will reply with your 12-digit Loan ID.



*Calls to 01 and 03 numbers from UK landlines and mobiles are normally included in free plan minutes if available; otherwise calls to 03 numbers cost the same as calls to 01/02 prefix numbers.



COVID-19 Loans FAQs

Will I get charged interest during the payment freeze?

You will not be required to pay any additional interest during the freeze. The total amount you will have to pay under your Agreement will remain unchanged.

Will a Payment Freeze impact my credit score?

The payment freeze won‘t be reported to credit reference agencies. However, lenders may take into account other information on your credit file when making future lending decisions including, for example, information provided on credit applications or bank account information.

Can I still make payments while I am on a payment freeze?

Yes, if you can afford to, you can still make payments (of any amount) at any time during the payment freeze. If you notify us of your intention to make payments prior to making them they will help reduce the amount of interest you’re charged.

I have an automatic method of payment set up, do I have to do anything?

If you have an automatic payment set up such as a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) or Standing Order here is what to do:

  • CPA: If you pay by CPA, there is no need to cancel it, we will simply resume collecting your payments once the freeze period is over, you don’t need to do anything.
  • Standing Order: If you pay by Standing Order, you will need to contact your bank to cancel your payments.

How will I know when the payment freeze period is coming to an end?

We’ll be in touch again before your payment freeze ends to remind you when you’ll need to make your contractual monthly payments again.

What happens if I still can’t make my payments after the payment freeze period has ended

If your circumstances change during the payment freeze period, please contact us to see what options we have available to support you. If you are still experiencing financial difficulty at the end of the payment freeze then there are other options we can look into to provide you further support.


Vanquis can offer additional arrangements to help support the management of your account but this will be reflected on your credit file. Please contact us to see what options we have available to you.

I’ve not had a Payment Freeze before – how do I apply?

Unfortunately the deadline to apply for a payment freeze expired on March 31st 2021. However, if you’re having difficulty with your repayments, we have a range of alternative options to support you – please get in touch as soon as possible to discuss.