Digital wallets - Using your Vanquis card


Find out what a digital wallet is, how to add your Vanquis credit card and the benefits.



A digital wallet is a digital space where you can store your payment card information. You can use it to buy things in store, online or in-app without the need for your physical card. For added security your card information is never stored on your device.

Set up a digital wallet

It is straightforward, once your Vanquis card is added to your digital wallet you're all set. Visit our guides:


> Google Pay


> Apple Pay

The benefits of using a digital wallet

If you choose to add your card to a digital wallet you can benefit from:

  • safer and more secure way of paying using your device biometrics like fingerprint or face verification
  • no contactless limit or PIN when shopping in-store
  • a better shopping experience online or in-app with no need to fill in your payment details

Manage your credit card using the Vanquis app

It is quick and easy managing your Vanquis credit card with the Vanquis app. Download it now and take advantage of these features and more:

  • Verify online purchases.
  • Make payments and set up automatic payments.
  • Check your transactions.
  • See up to 12 months of statements.
  • Report your card lost or stolen.
  • Change your address and contact details.
  • See your latest offers.

The Vanquis app




Vanquis App