Joanne's story


Joanne, a victim of financial abuse.


Removing herself from a troubling relationship and getting a handle on her finances was a challenging time for Joanne. Joanne’s ex-partner was the main breadwinner and held this over her. Joanne’s finances had come under the control of her partner with no say on how they were managed, including the control and usage of her Vanquis Credit Card.


She recognised this as a problem and left, receiving support from Refuge. With stability and support from Refuge, Joanne decided to call Vanquis for help with her account.


How Vanquis helped


Joanne was allowed to explain the situation and pointed out what sort of support she would benefit from. Our support team listened and helped Joanne:

  • Set up her new home address on our system with proof of address documentation.
  • Send out a new card and PIN making the one in her ex-partners possession void and useless.
  • Reviewed the state of Joanne’s account and agreed an affordable short term payment arrangement.
  • Set up regular catch-ups to monitor the arrangement and Joanne’s situation.


We were glad that Joanne was receiving support. Back in control of her accounts she set up a regular Direct Debit payment and is managing her account well.





Could you be a victim of financial abuse? Financial abuse come in many shapes and sizes. Find out what financial abuse is, and what you can do if you or someone you know is being manipulated.


If you relate to Joanne’s story or need support with financial difficulties, please call us on 0330 099 3002*. We’re here to listen and understand your situation, and this way we can make sure we support you in the best possible way.


*See our opening hours and call charge information.