Alan's story


Alan, dealing with long term illness.


When Alan found out about his illness, his world came to an abrupt stop. It impacted everything and he had to give up work to undergo treatment. Knowing the treatment would take a while, Alan struggled to comprehend what he would do about his growing pile of bills.


Worrying about money started to impact his family life with his wife and kids. His wife and nurse noticed Alan’s mood and behaviour changed, around the mention of money.. They urged him to contact Vanquis to explain the situation and seek help.


How Vanquis helped


When Alan called us, he got through to Kate from our support team. Kate saw his account had fallen behind and asked about his situation. Alan was given time to explain his circumstances in his own words with no pressure. With all the information Kate walked Alan through the support Vanquis could offer.

  • Kate put his account in a hold state which means there were no payments expected for a specific period of time.
  • Together they mapped out a longer-term plan with a view of Alan’s recovery time. This way Alan could focus on recovery knowing an agreed plan was set-up reducing stress, anxiety and uncertainty.
  • Regular catch-ups were scheduled so Alan could keep us updated on his progress.
  • Independent advice and we signposted Alan to to National Organisations and charities that offer free help and support, so to ensure he got the specific help he needed.


With these steps put in place and regular contact set up Alan could focus on his on-going recovery. Eliminating the uncertainty around his Vanquis account helped Alan see a clear and flexible path.





Alan was apprehensive about speaking to Vanquis but felt glad and reassured when the call was finished. With Kate’s help and non-judgemental approach Alan felt the advice and steps taken helped put him at ease.


If you relate to Alan’s story or need support with financial difficulties, please call us on 0330 099 3002*. We’re here to listen and understand your situation, and this way we can make sure we support you in the best possible way.


*See our opening hours and call charge information.