Unrecognised transactions

Find out what do to if you don't recognise a transaction. Plus, read our guides for useful information to help protect you against credit card fraud.

Tips to help you recognise a transaction

At Vanquis, we’re constantly working hard to monitor and protect your account from fraud. We understand it can be worrying when you don’t recognise a transaction on your account. We’ve detailed some steps below that you can take before you contact us that may help you recognise the transaction.


Search the company's name

Search the company name on a search engine like Google. Some companies use a different name and it may be one you don’t recognise.

Check with additional card holders

If there’s an additional cardholder on the account, check with them to see if they recognise the transaction and check with family members. For example, it may be linked to an app store purchase. 

Review your free trials

Have you signed up to a free trial recently? Sometimes, a free trial may have expired and a payment was taken. Check the terms and conditions of any agreement and speak to the company about the transaction. 

Check with the company

If you know the company but the amount looks different to what you expected or is a duplicate, use the details on your receipt or their website to speak to them, as they may be able to sort it out.

Check foreign transactions

Have you used your card abroad or made a purchase from a company outside the UK? Check the exchange rate, as it’s likely to show a different amount to the one you were expecting.

More help for unrecognised transactions


General enquires: Visit our contact us page for the latest information including phone numbers and opening times.


Lost and stolen line: 0800 783 9003* or +44 161 444 4495* from abroad or report within the Vanquis app.