The World Cup is about to kick off. It's time to get the ball rolling, get organised, and plan ahead so you can responsibly manage your money while you're away in Russia.

We’ve estimated the cost of your trip, summing up the odds (with our boys making it through the group stages) and included everything from insurance to toothpaste, so you can plan your finances accordingly. Here's a rough financial guide for the England footie fan's trip to the 2018 World Cup.

The journey starts here TRAVEL

At 1556 miles as the crow flies from London to Moscow, driving would take 32 hours and public transport would take 39. We recommend chanting your way to Moscow by plane.

FLIGHTS £685.00 INSURANCE £40.99
They're asleep at the back ACCOMODATION

In between all the cheering and tears, you'll need somewhere to rest. This is how much 15 nights will cost you at the cities of the first 3 England games.

Volgograd 5 days (16-20th) 1 room £451
Nizhny Novgorod 5 days (21-25th) 1 room £332
Kaliningrad 5 days (26-30th) 1 room £204
HOTELS £987.00
door handle
It's in the bag WHAT TO PACK

Be a true supporter with all the latest England kit. This is how much an official England Squad football top and scarf will cost.

SHIRT £47.95 SCARF £11.95

Get all your toiletries for a fraction of the price in the former USSR. Deodorant, shampoo and toothpaste are all relatively cheap, only setting you back this much.

Things are kicking off MATCHDAY

Following the games means you need to buy a ticket. This is how much a ticket to all the England group matches, plus your FIFA Fan ID, will cost.


No matter your beverage of choice, the Russians will have it covered. This is how much water, coffee and beer will cost you during those 14 days.

COFFEE £2.75 (x1) WATER £0.35 (0.33L) BEER £0.83 (0.5L)
TOTAL £68.06

You'll need to keep fuelled if you're cheering on the England team. This is how much lunch and dinner will cost you for 14 days.

FAST FOOD £3.47 PUB GRUB £5.00
TOTAL £118.58
TOTAL COST £2594.83
World Cup Checklist
  • Travel
  • Accomodation
  • Match Tickets
  • England Kit
  • Toiletries
  • Drink
  • Food
How does the World Cup score up? COST COMPARISON

How your trip to Russia compares to the cost of England's group stage match tickets at the Brazil World Cup 2014, the average U.K. salary, and the average family holiday.

Vs. World Cup '14 Ticket 20%

The cost of being a football supporter at the World Cup is rising. But it’s not the cost of supporting kit that’s increasing, fans are being priced out to see their team play on the ground.

The cost of a ticket at the group stage matches has increased by a whopping 20%, from £525 at the World Cup 2014 to £630 at the World Cup 2018.

Average U.K. Salary 11%

According to the Office of National Statistics, the average full-time salary in the UK is £28,600.

This means that, after tax, the average full-time employee will take home £22,828.88. So the price of attending the World Cup 2018 will cost the average person almost 11.5% of their yearly salary.

Average Family Holiday 3x

If you're a family of four attending the World Cup 2018, it will cost you three times the cost of the average UK family holiday.

By multiplying our total estimated cost by four, a family visit to watch England play in the group stages will put you back £10,379.32

That’s more than three 9-day family holidays abroad.

Following the England squad through the group stages is a dream come true for some, and following the team in Russia will definitely be an experience to remember if you are fortunate to attend. If you’ll be cheering England from home we're sure you will have just as much fun with a few pizzas, drinks and good friends. Whichever you choose, don’t get caught offside, and make sure you keep your Vanquis credit card with you.
credit card


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