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Understanding Credit


Taking your first step into credit or rebuilding your credit score? Let us help.


Know more about credit


What can affect your credit score and how you can manage your debt, take a look for helpful guidance. Better understand the credit landscape and how to avoid problems.


Financial Problems & Struggles


Here we discuss the most common situations which can have a negative effect on your credit file and ways to approach them.

Credit Score


Here you can find out what a "credit score" is, how it is calculated and what the lenders look for when considering their applicants.

Rebuilding Credit


Here you can read more about ways to improve your credit and how they could benefit you.

Debt Knowledge


Read our guides on debt knowledge.

Other Resources


More useful information about the world of credit cards.

Recommended Payments


Find out more why we are suggesting Recommended Payments to our customers and how they could benefit you.

Recommended Payments


The information displayed on these pages does not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research to make sure it is right for your specific circumstances and seek independent advice. We do not accept liability if you rely on any of the information displayed on these pages.




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