Understanding Credit


We're here to help you take the first step in building or rebuilding your credit rating after a setback.

Making credit clearer


Credit scores can have a huge impact on our lives – but often, we don’t have any need to think about them until we get declined for credit. 


Building or rebuilding credit can be lengthy and difficult, but there are actions that you can take to help you along the way. Please read on if you require more information about how credit scores work and how you can improve your credit history. The pages in this section should offer some useful guidance - from insolvency to rebuilding your credit rating after a setback, Vanquis Bank is here to help.


Financial Problems & Struggles


Here we discuss the most common situations which can have a negative effect on your credit file and ways to approach them.

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Credit Score - Improve your Credit Rating


Here you can find out what a "credit score" is, how it is calculated and what the lenders look for when considering their applicants.

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Persistent Debt


Here you can read more about Persistent Debt and how it could affect you.

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Recommended Payments


Find out more why we are suggesting Recommended Payments to our customers and how they could benefit you.

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The information displayed on these pages does not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research to make sure it is right for your specific circumstances and seek independent advice. We do not accept liability if you rely on any of the information displayed on these pages.




Improve your Experian credit score with Experian Boost


We're always looking at ways to help you so we wanted to let you know about Experian Boost, a free way to try and instantly improve your Experian credit score. By sharing additional information about how you manage your money, you could get an instant boost to your credit score.



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