Budgeting Tools


It can be tough to manage your money if you don't have the right resources - these tools aim to help guide you through it.


Our Budgeting Tools

To help you keep control of your finances and stay on top of your commitments, we've created a couple of visual tools so you can plan, day by day and month by month, your journey to rebuilding your credit rating with a Vanquis Credit Card.


Monthly Wall Planner

This 30-day calendar, starting from the day you create your first statement with a Vanquis Credit Card, shows all the important milestones throughout a typical month. With reminders on when and how to check your credit balance and make repayments, as well as useful information on how to contact us if you need to, it'll help you to get the most out of your credit card and help avoid any additional charges.

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Annual Wall Planner

As you use your Vanquis Credit Card and make repayments on time, your credit limit should gradually increase as you demonstrate good account management behaviours – allowing you to borrow and repay more over time. This handy 17-month planner shows the months you can expect to see a credit limit increase if you've been using your card responsibly, and provides a number of tips and reminders to help you stay within your credit limit.

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