Our Charity Work in the Community

Our Work In The Community

At Vanquis we strive to ensure that we are a valued part of the communities where we live and work – in London, Chatham and Bradford – through our Active Community programme and that we live up to our responsibilities.

Active Community is dedicated to supporting fantastic projects and causes where we have our offices and contact centres.  Many of these projects don’t always get the help they deserve either because of their size or a lack of funds available in their location.  We actively seek them out and offer time, skills and money where we know it will make a difference though either long term partnerships or one-off donations (and additional support) from our Active Community Fund.

Our work is driven by three guiding principles:

  • Employee involvement – we don’t simply ‘write a cheque’ for good causes, however worthy they may be.  We always look to offer opportunities for personal development that enrich our employees’ working lives
  • Our involvement is significant to the charity – some charities are simply too big for us to make a real difference so instead we carefully select projects in our local communities where we can make a significant impact
  • We can see the results of our efforts – active involvement is at the heart of the programme.  We support charities where we can maximize our employees direct involvement

We actively encourage our staff to join events and community projects by giving paid time-off as well as financially contributing through our fund matching programme.

Active Community

Our Active Community programme is broken down into four complementary themes relevant to our business.  These are:

  • Vulnerable Consumers
  • Education & Financial Education
  • Personal Development & Training
  • Social Inclusion

We work in our local communities with a mix of partners ranging from local branches of national organisations to truly local, one-off organisations

During 2016 we plan to invest around £1.1m is support of our Active Community programme.

Our Partners

We take a holistic approach to our Active Community Programme, where we look to work with a mix of small local charities and national charities at a grass roots level (names such as The Outward Bound Trust, Mencap, the Money Charity and FareShare).  We also encourage our community partners to work collaboratively and share knowledge and experience and, where possible, we provide support to facilitate this.

Our support has allowed these charities to expand their reach into our communities with new services or enhancements to existing services.  In some cases this has also created employment opportunities that didn’t exist before.

Our partners, past and present, broken down by theme, include the following:

Vulnerable Consumers

  • The Samaritans
  • IncomeMax
  • Money Advice Trust
  • StepChange Debt Charity
  • Christians Against Poverty

Education & Financial Education

  • The Money Charity
  • The Outward Bound Trust
  • Byron Primary School, Gillingham
  • Lilian Baylis School, Lambeth
  • Medway Education & Business 

Personal Development & Training

  • Keighley Community Foundation
  • Young Kent
  • Bradford Youth Development Partnership
  • Sure Start – All Saints and Lordswood
  • Phoenix Junior School, Chatham
  • Blue Elephant Theatre Group
  • Kazzum

Social Inclusion


  • Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) – we have found from working with a range of partners that we can put them in touch with each other either directly or through hosting events or facilitating other collaborative activity to promote good practice and sharing of experience to make our partners even more effective in attracting other commercial partners.
  • Hatua – further afield we continue with our longstanding support of Hatua, an independent UK registered charity which sponsors bright children from the slums of Nairobi to attend the finest Kenyan secondary schools, giving our employees a chance to get involved in an initiative far away and far divorced from what we take for granted.



In 2015 we provided financial and other support to 43 charities and community groups operating in our local communities.  This investment was worth over £1.3 million and benefited more than 20,000 people.


Corporate Responsibility across the Provident Financial Group

The Vanquis Active Community Programme is designed to complement the corporate responsibility work undertaken across the Provident Financial Group through its Good Neighbour programme.  More information on this can be found at:


The Group’s latest Corporate Responsibility Report and accompanying case studies can be found at: