Reviews & Testimonials From Our Customers

Everything we do at Vanquis revolves around our customers so taking the time to listen to what they think is vital to us.

We've compiled some of the feedback here.

J. Mallon, Bolton
I have had very good customer service from Vanquis. Very helpful and easy to get information and the staff are very friendly"

D. Lancaster, Wrexham
"I find the staff excellent over the telephone, really polite and very friendly. That is very difficult to find these days. Thank you!"

S. Wagner, Croydon
"Overall view, very pleasant and professional!"

S. Holden, Exeter
"I am generally really satisfied with my Vanquis card. It really helped me out when other cards would not accept me. It can be like a lifeline if I get problems or unexpected bills – thank you!"

F. Odell, Scarborough
 "I am very pleased with all aspects of my dealings with Vanquis. Very happy to use and tell others of my Vanquis account"

O. Adeniji, London
"Well done Vanquis Bank! You helped me to repair my credit rating when others declined, you accepted me and gave me a chance, thank you. Other credit companies now want me but I will stick with Vanquis!"

If you need credit but have been refused credit elsewhere, don’t worry. You can check your eligibility for a Vanquis Visa Card.