How to Protect Your Card

Following the tips below will help keep your card and money safe from fraudsters and scams.

Always keep your contact details up to date with us in case we need to contact you.


If your card is lost or stolen, let us know straightaway.


  • Report any lost or stolen cards immediately.
  • Check your card expiry dates and call us if a new card hasn’t arrived when it should.
  • Always cover your PIN to prevent anyone from seeing it.
  • Change your PIN immediately at an ATM if you suspect someone else may know it.
  • Contact us straight away if your card is unexpectedly retained by a cash machine.


  • Never let someone take your card away to process a transaction.
  • Never reveal your PIN to anyone. Not even the bank or the Police.
  • Never enter your Vanquis card PIN number into the telephone keypad even if requested.

If you think your card details may have been compromised contact us immediately on 0800 783 9003 or +44 161 444 4495 from abroad.

It is important to follow the guidance above and keep your card, account and personal details secure as it could affect an unauthorised transaction claim if these details were deliberately or negligently given to someone else.

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