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Frequently asked questions

Your account

How can I increase my credit limit?

We review you for a credit limit increase every 5 months. If you are selected we will contact you to let you know.


To be considered for a credit limit increase, you should manage your account without going overlimit, and make your payments on time. This helps us see that you can manage your monthly payments. It also helps to keep other accounts like other credit cards, loans and mortgages in order, and to be careful not to take on too much debt.

Can I withdraw cash on my Vanquis Visa credit card?

Yes, you can. Please be aware that we charge a 3% Cash Transaction fee or £3 (whichever is greater). You may also be charged a Non-Sterling/Foreign Transaction fee for each cash transaction.

Can I use my Vanquis card on holiday?

Yes! Although people are travelling a lot less than usual, you can use your Vanquis card wherever VISA is accepted. Click here for more details.

Can I use my card for Apple/Google Pay?

Not yet, but we’re working on that feature. Watch this space and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready.

Can I get a money transfer?

If you want to move funds to your current account, you can give us a ring on 0330 099 3000. Please have your bank details to hand when you call. You can also check the Transfers tab in your Vanquis app. Click here for hours and call charge information.

Can I add an additional cardholder to my account?

Yes. You can apply to have another cardholder on your account if:

    • Your account’s been open for 6+ months
    • You have a credit limit of £500+
    • Your account is maintained well
    • Additional cardholder is 18+ years old and a UK resident

Sound like you? Ring our Customer Services team and request an additional cardholder form. You’ll need the other cardholder’s consent to give us their details.


Please remember that, even with another person on the account, you will still be responsible for the card and how it’s used (including all transactions). Check your terms and conditions for more information.

What if I go overlimit or miss my payment?

If you go over your limit or miss a payment, you maybe charged an over limit or late payment fee. For more information click here. We’re always ready to help you get things back on track.

Where can I view my statements?

You can view up to 12 months of statements in the Vanquis mobile app or Vanquis Online Banking.

How do I close my account?

If you feel that your Vanquis account doesn’t suit your needs, you can ring us on 0330 099 3000 to discuss closing your account. You will need to clear any remaining balance or interest due before we can close it. Click here for hours and call charge information.

Making payments

How can I make a payment to my account?

We like to keep things simple. Click here for payment options (including painless, automatic payments).

What is a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA)?

Having a CPA means we take your payment directly from your account automatically. No more losing sleep over a missed payment. Click here for more information.

When I make a payment, what gets paid off first?

If your payment doesn’t cover your whole balance, we’ll help you save money by prioritizing the part of your balance that costs you the most interest.

How can I change my payment date?

If you’d like to change your payment date, give us a ring on 0330 099 3000. Click here for call charge information.

What happens if I only make the minimum payment? How long will it take me to pay off?

We recommend paying a bit more than your minimum payment each month. This will reduce how much interest we charge you.

Cost of Borrowing
Interest Explained – based on 39.9% APR for a purchase of £250.
To reduce the interest charged we recommend you pay as much as you can when you can and not just the minimum payment. See the example below.
Illustrative example For a purchase of £250 on your credit card
Monthly Payment Minimum Payment each month £50 each month
Without taking into account any introductory rates, how much interest will you be charged in the first year? £74 £27
How much interest will you be charged in the second year? £50 £0
How long would it take to clear the balance? 3 years, 2 months 7 months
The above example assumes the following: The transaction takes place on 1st January and you make no further transactions. Your statement is produced on the 1st each month and you always make the payment each month on the 15th. Your statement is produced 31 days after you make the purchase.

What is Repayment Option Plan?

Repayment Option Plan (ROP) is an optional, paid for part of your account. For more information, please click here.

The App

Vanquis App

Check your balance, make payments, and get up-to-date account info in real time – all on our award-winning mobile app. Click here to learn more.


What should I do if I'm having trouble paying my credit card bill?

We’re here to help. If you’re worried about a payment, give us a ring on 0330 099 3002 and we’ll help find the solution that’s best for you. Click here for hours and call charge information.

How can I receive my statements in Large Print, Audio or Braille?

Your best interest is our top priority. If you need a ‘Reasonable Adjustment’ on your account, such as: your statements in Large Print, Audio or Braille, please:

  1. Call us on 0330 099 3000 (click here for hours and call charge information) or
  2. Write to Customer Service:
    Customer Services
    PO Box 399
    ME4 4WQ

We’ll send your Large Print, Audio or Braille statements free of charge.

What do I need to do if the account holder passes away?

Grief and loss can be overwhelming, and the last thing you may want to deal with is finances. Our team is ready to guide you through the practical next steps according to your needs. We’ll ask for appropriate third party information for future contact about the account. We’ll then reach out to that party to deal with the customer’s estate and support you through an account resolution.


Ring one of our Account Managers on 0330 099 3000 (click here for hours and call charge information) and we’ll be happy to help.

How can I get a PIN reminder or a new PIN?

If you can’t remember your PIN, you’ll need to request a PIN reminder (if you guess the PIN and get it wrong three times, your card will be locked).


Get a PIN reminder for yourself or your additional cardholder with our quick and easy automated service. Just call 0330 099 3000, open 24 hours a day (click here for hours and call charge information).

How can I activate my card?

Make sure you have your card with you and sign the white strip on the back of your card. Then:

  • Download the Vanquis App and follow the onscreen instructions
  • Give us a ring on 0800 781 9660 (click here for call charge information)

How do I change my PIN?

You can go to any cash machine that accepts Visa cards, insert your Vanquis card and enter the PIN we sent to you. Then follow the onscreen instructions to change your PIN.

How do I report a lost or stolen card?

Your security is our priority. To report a lost or stolen card, or get a new one, you can report right away in the Vanquis mobile app. Just:

  • Open your app and go to the 'More' tab
  • Choose 'Manage My Card' and report your card lost or stolen

You can also ring us on 0800 783 9003 (calls inside UK) or +44 161 444 4495 (calls outside UK). Click here for hours and call charge information.

Why isn’t my card working?

If your card isn’t working or if it was declined, check if it’s still in date. If you’re still having issues, give us a ring on 0330 099 3000. Click here for call charge information.

I’m having trouble logging in.

If you’re having issues logging onto the app or Online Banking, give us a call and we’ll help you get it sorted (0330 099 3000). Click here for call charge information.

I want to ask about a transaction on my account.

If you don’t recognise a transaction on your account or would like to dispute a transaction, please contact Customer Service on 0330 099 3000. Click here for call charge information.

How can I change my personal details (address, phone, email)?

To update your phone number or email address, just open your Vanquis mobile app and click the ‘More’ section. If you don’t have the Vanquis mobile app just yet, click here.


To change your home address please contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to help. Click here for contact details and call charge information.

What should I do if my personal situation has changed and I’m having difficulties making payments?

We’re always ready to help you get things back on track. If you’re worried about going overlimit or missing a payment, click here. You can also ring us on 0330 099 3002 – one of our specialists will help find the solution that’s best for your circumstances (click here for call charge information).


You can also always speak to these other independent organisations for free, confidential, and impartial advice:

I have questions about my Promise to Pay.

We know life can be unpredictable. If you have questions or concerns about your Promise to Pay, feel free to give us a call on 0330 099 3002. Click here for call charge information.

What should I do if the account holder is in prison?

Please give us a call on 0330 099 3000 so we can help further. Click here for call charge information.

What is PSD2 and Open Banking?

Click here to learn more about PSD2 and Open Banking.

I’ve been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Click here to learn more about how Vanquis is helping customers through the COVID-19 pandemic.


What will my credit limit be?

We’ll start you on a credit limit between £150 - £1,500. This amount depends on your credit history, financial circumstances and how you are managing your current credit with other lenders.


Shortly after opening your account, we’ll let you know what your credit limit is. Depending on how you manage your account and credit with other lenders, we may increase or decrease your credit limit to help you manage your account more effectively.

How do you work out my interest rate?

We calculate an interest rate based on your application info as well as your credit history from credit reference agencies.

If I change my mind, can I cancel my credit card?

Yes, if you change your mind about your Vanquis credit card, you have 15 days to withdraw from your credit agreement and cancel the card. You’ll have 30 days to pay back any interest or outstanding balance on the card. Please refer to your terms and conditions for more information on how to do this.

My application was not accepted. Can you tell me why?

Yes. As a responsible lender, we consider many different factors when we look at an application. We use credit scoring to decide if approving the application is in your best interest or not. Credit scoring produces consistent decisions and is designed to ensure all applicants are treated fairly.


If you would like us to reconsider our decision, you can write to us at New Accounts Department, P.O. Box 399, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4WQ and provide any information you think may be relevant. You also have the right under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 and Consumer Credit Act 1974 to see information held about you.

The Basics of Building Credit

Is a credit card suitable for me?

Credit cards can give you more financial flexibility and peace of mind – we live in a digital, contactless world, and credit cards can help you manage your money in a quick and simple way. A Vanquis credit card is especially ideal if you want to build or rebuild your credit score.


Before applying, think about whether you can afford a bit more than the minimum payment – this way, you can access a credit card without paying much more in interest. We pride ourselves in helping people get credit if they’ve been turned down elsewhere. If you’re eligible, we’ll lend to you regardless of previous rejections.

If you are looking to purchase a large item and repay over a longer period of time, a personal loan may be more suitable. Click here to learn more about Vanquis loans.

What is a ‘soft search’?

A ‘soft search’ means a lender can check your eligibility for credit without affecting your credit score. When you apply for a Vanquis card, our Eligibility Checker will give you an instant decision using a soft search. If this initial application is approved, we’ll carry out a full credit check which will be recorded on your credit file.

If the soft credit search shows that I can apply for a Vanquis Visa credit card, does it mean I’ll be approved?

Although we can’t guarantee an approval, usually a positive response from the Eligibility Checker is a good chance that your application will be approved.

How does the Vanquis Visa credit card help me build my credit rating?

Here are a few tips to help you build your credit rating and improve your credit score with a Vanquis credit card:

  1. Pay your minimum amount each month. If you can, pay more than the minimum amount (this will reduce how much we charge you in interest)
  2. Don’t miss a payment
  3. Make payments on time (we make this easy with Direct Debits, which you can set to automatically pay your minimum amount so you never miss sleep over a missed payment)
  4. Use the APP to manage your account effectively.
  5. Use your available credit, but not all of it. For example, if your credit limit is £1,000 and you use £500, you’re using 50% of your limit. This will prove to other lenders that you’re not overly reliant on credit.

Do you offer personal loans?

Currently we only offer loans to eligible customers who already have a Vanquis account. If you're a Vanquis customer and want to know more click here.


If you're not a Vanquis customer, fear not! We're working on making our loans available to more people. Check here for updates.

Your Balance Transfer

What is a balance transfer?

You can transfer balances from most UK credit or store card accounts in your name to your Vanquis Bank credit card. If you ask us to transfer a balance or part of a balance from a credit card, we will pay the amount you request (and we have agreed to transfer) to the other lender and transfer this debt to your Vanquis Bank credit card. You cannot make a transfer from another card issued by Vanquis Bank.

How much can I transfer?

The minimum amount is £100. The maximum amount will be a percentage of your credit limit that we will tell you at the time of any introductory offer or promotional rate on your account.

How do I take up my offer?

You need to transfer before your offer expires. You can fulfil your balance transfer through the Vanquis Bank app or by calling our customer service team.


We’ll send a payment to your other cards –that debt will then be on your Vanquis credit card. We start to charge interest (if applicable) the same day we transfer funds to your other credit card(s). Your other credit card(s) will charge interest until they apply the payment to your account. So keep making payments until they tell you no more payments are due.

Can I lose my balance transfer rate?

Yes – You’ll be charged your standard interest rate if you fall behind with two payments.

What happens at the end of my offer period?

Any amount left that you transferred will be charged at your standard interest rate.

How do I pay my transfer off?

If you don’t pay your statement balance in full we’ll use any payments to reduce your standard interest rate balances first. If you clear your standard rate balances, you’ll then start to pay off any balances you’ve transferred. If you pay off as much as you can during the balance transfer offer period you’ll reduce the amount of interest you pay.

Can I cancel my balance transfer?

No, once you’ve asked us to transfer the balance, we are unable to cancel the balance transfer.

Is there any fee for transferring a balance?

Sometimes we may charge a Balance Transfer fee. This will be a percentage of the amount you transfer, we will always tell you if a Balance Transfer offer includes a fee.


If there is a fee we’ll add the amount you transfer and the fee to your card balance and the balance transfer interest rate will be charged from the date the balance is transferred to your account.