Financial Problems


In these pages we aim to provide you with helpful information relating to frequent financial situations.

Managing difficult financial situations

Dealing with a tough personal or financial situation, such as losing a job, can really put a strain on our everyday lives. A lot of the time, these challenging circumstances may negatively impact your credit file, making it difficult to access affordable credit at times when you might need it the most.


The below pages aim to offer helpful information covering some of the most common reasons people struggle to access credit, and what can be done about them.


Helpful Information:

Have You Been Turned Down for Credit?


Being turned down for credit can be discouraging, but on this page you can find out what can be done to improve your situation and what things to avoid when applying for credit.


Turned down for credit

County Court Judgments (CCJs)


This page will provide you with all the information you need to know about County Court Judgments and what to expect.

CCJ info

Low Income or Self Employed?


Having a low or irregular income can affect your ability to access the kind of credit you need - this page is designed to help you understand what you can do to improve your chances of being accepted.


Help with lower income

Applying For Credit For the First Time


Applying for credit for the first time can sometimes be difficult and feel confusing. This page aims to provide you with information that may help you get over that first hump!

It's my first time

Are You New to the UK?


It can be difficult to gain access to credit when you're new or returning to the UK after an extended period - this page is designed to help you understand your options better.


I'm new to the UK

No Credit History


You might find that you're being refused for credit, even though you've never borrowed money before - this page explains what it means to have no credit history and steps to follow to help build a solid rating.

No credit history help


If the information provided here doesn't fit your particular situation, please get in touch with one of the independent agencies who specialise in helping people with financial difficulties. Please read our Bankruptcy Guide for more information.


The information displayed on these pages does not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research to make sure it is right for your specific circumstances and seek independent advice.