How to Protect Your Credit Card Against Fraud


Read our guides below which provide you with useful information that can help protect you against credit card fraud




At Vanquis we are constantly working hard to monitor and protect your account from fraud. The links below provide useful hints and tips on how to protect yourself from fraud, you will also find a selection of helpful websites.


If you suspect you have been a victim of fraud and you think your Vanquis card has been affected contact us immediately on the lost and stolen line (0800 783 9003 or +44 161 444 4495 if calling from abroad). We will cancel and block your card immediately and issue you with a new card.


If you do not recognise transactions on your statements please call us on 0330 099 3000. If you suspect you have been a victim of fraud but not on your Vanquis card please contact Action Fraud.


Vanquis supports the Take Five campaign which is a national awareness campaign run by Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK), part of UK Finance, backed by Her Majesty’s Government - an initiative offering simple and impartial advice, to help you keep your account safe from fraud. In 2017, in the UK, £732 million was lost to fraudsters. This can be stopped by simply taking time to stop and think if something does not seem right. To find out more click here.


Click here for opening hours and call charges.

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Types of fraud

Details about types of fraud and how to identify them.





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Common scams

See the current scams fraudsters are using and how to protect yourself from them.




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How to protect yourself and card from fraud

Tips on protecting your card and identity.




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How Vanquis protects you

The measures we have in place to help protect you from fraud.




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Frequently asked questions






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Contact Us

Details of how to contact Vanquis and links to useful sites on fraud and scams.




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