Missed payments


What to do if you've missed a payment or if you are struggling to make your credit card payments.



This page relates to missed payments but if you are struggling to cope with the increasing cost of living, take a look at our information on external support you might benefit from.


>External organisations that could help you.

Missed your monthly payment?

The best thing you can do is pay your missed payment as soon as possible. If you can't afford the payment please get in touch, and we can help.


A missed payment can have a negative impact on your credit score. This is because a credit score reflects how reliable you are with managing credit and making repayments. Bad account management can exclude you from benefits like credit limit increases and interest rate reductions.


To make account management easier you can set up a Direct Debit or a recurring debit card payment. These tools are designed to help stop the chances of missed payments. Take a look at our Ways to Pay page and find out how to set up a regular payment.


Make a Promise to Pay


If you can't pay right now but you are able to make a payment within the next 14 days. You should only do this if you have only missed 1 payment. The easiest way to set up a Promise is in the Vanquis Bank App - read our guide to find out how.


Promise to Pay

Tell us how we can help

We know that sometimes it’s not as simple as one or two missed payments. If you feel like your circumstances or situation is preventing you from making payments or managing your finances, please get in touch and let us know and we’ll look at how we can help.


Take a look at the tiles below to see if one of these matches your circumstances:

I'm worried about my payments

We can help. We will listen and understand your financial situation to tailor your support. Take a look at our guidance for Money Worries.


Money Worries

I have issues which mean I'm struggling to pay

Financial difficulties can happen to anyone. Find out how we help our customers when their life changes.

Life Changes

I need more help with my finances

There are a number of places where you can get free, independent advice on your situation, whether it's related to energy costs, debt management or other expenses.

More help