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The smarter way to manage your money


Snoop is packed with features to help you track your spending and manage your bills.



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Money-management made easy

Our free money-saving app lets you build your own budget from scratch or sets one for you using your average spend. You can even set budgets for any spending categories you want to track - like groceries, entertainment and eating out.



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Snoop's money-managing features

See all your accounts in one place

Connect your bank accounts and credit cards to Snoop so you can monitor everything in the same app.


Track your spending

See if you're spending more or less than last month, check your biggest spending categories and create your own categories to track too - like holidays or DIY.


Set personalised budgets

Create a budget for your monthly spend and any categories you want - like groceries or entertainment. Then track your progress easily in the app.


Keep on top of household bills

Snoop shows a timeline of upcoming bills and flags price hikes and better deals, so you can save.


Get warnings so you don't miss payments

Snoop will monitor your upcoming bills and warn you if you don't have enough to cover them.


Save money with personalised suggestions

Every day, Snoop shares money-saving tips and ideas tailored to you and your spending.



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More ways to save money

Snoop has so many features to help you save money. Visit snoop.app/save-money