Our work in the community


At Vanquis we strive to ensure that we are a valued part of the communities where we live and work through our Active Community programme.


Our Group, Our Purpose, Our work in the community

PFG, Vanquis’ parent company, is a leading specialist bank providing credit products which offer financial inclusion to the 10-12 million people in the UK who are not well served by mainstream banks or building societies.


Our Group’s purpose is to help put people on a path to a better everyday life. We do this by providing customers with opportunities to borrow in a transparent, responsible and sustainable way, so they can live their lives with access to finance. But further to this, our purpose also encompasses the wider role we have in helping to address wider societal challenges, such as social mobility, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting inclusion and diversity.


“Being a Purpose-led business means that we are well placed to manage the ESG issues that matter to our business, but also that we must play our part in proactively seeking to address issues such as inequality and disadvantage."


Malcolm Le May, Chief Executive Officer


Making a difference in our communities

The strategy of our Group-wide Social Impact Programme is to invest in activities and initiatives which look to address some key factors which can reduce social and/or financial inclusion.


These factors include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Lack of literacy or numeracy skills.
  • Disabilities and/or mental health issues.
  • Unemployment or under-employment.
  • Low levels of educational attainment; and
  • Low, uncertain, or fluctuating incomes.

PFG and colleagues across our business areas provide support in a number of ways, from providing grants, to volunteering in schools, to conducting research.


In 2021, our volunteers and partnerships delivered real change for individuals in the community. You can learn more about our extensive work in the PFG Corporate Responsibility report, online here.


Here are just few examples of the impacts of our work in the last 12 months:

  • Provided funding to the Money Charity which enabled them to deliver 332 hours’ worth of financial education workshops to 7,640 young people and 79 hours’ worth of financial wellbeing workshops.
  • Assisted National Numeracy with delivering their ‘Becoming a Numeracy Champion’ programme, through our funding. This initiative supported around 11,000 children, parents and teachers from areas in need across England, helping to develop numeracy skills. >More about numeracy support.
  • Continued to support and participate in the Social Mobility Business Partnership bringing together large corporate organisations and professional sports clubs to remove barriers, develop skills and provide experiences to sixth form and college students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

>Read the Group's latest Corporate Responsibility Report.