Our impact on the environment


Please read the below statement regarding Vanquis Bank's impact on the environment.


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Our Environmental Policy

Our Group’s Environmental Impact Statement can be found at https://www.providentfinancial.com/corporate-responsibility/

and is reproduced below for your ease of reference:


“While we may not impact the environment to the same extent as businesses in some other sectors, the day-to-day operations of our businesses do have environmental impacts that we should manage.


Indeed, we are legally required to manage and report on some of our environmental impacts, particularly in relation to climate change.  So, by managing our environmental impacts, we are not only complying with legislation, but also reducing the resources we use, which saves our businesses money.


We recognise the importance of using resources responsibly and prudently.  As such, we are committed to keeping waste to a minimum and to reducing the amount of environmentally-damaging emissions we are responsible for, both directly and indirectly.  By doing this, we are able to reduce the environmental impacts of our business activities and meet the expectations of our stakeholders.  This also generates cost savings from using resources more efficiently and ensures we comply with the increasing body of environmental legislation.


Our main environmental impacts are the energy we use to power our buildings; business travel; waste, in particular paper; and the CO2 emissions associated with all of these.  We manage these impacts through our environmental management programme and regular reviews ensure we are dealing with the most material issues.”