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  • A great way to safely build credit
  • A range of credit cards with different credit limits and APR levels
  • Potential to increase your Credit Limit every five months
  • Quick & easy application process to check if you’re eligible

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How to apply for a credit card

It can be difficult choosing a credit card if you’re not sure what to look for. However applying for a credit card can be simple if you know what your needs are before you apply. Read our credit card application guide below to help you apply.


Our guide to choosing a credit card

Before you choose a credit card you should be sure about what you need. There are a number of reasons you might need a card:

  • Transferring a balance from another card
  • Using it for purchases.
  • Rewards or cashback
  • Spending money abroad

It can be more difficult choosing a card if you have a poor credit score (or no credit score at all), although some banks and credit card companies offer cards to specifically help you build your credit score.



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Check if you're eligible today with no impact on your credit score. Find the right credit card for you:

  • Vanquis Chrome Card - 29.5% APR (variable)
  • Vanquis Classic Card - 39.9% APR (variable)
  • Vanquis Origin Card - 59.9% APR (variable)


Improve your credit rating with a Vanquis credit card

Using our credit cards responsibly can help people with no credit – or bad credit – to rebuild their credit rating. Better still, our cards help people rebuild their credit simply and safely, in ways that suit them.


Don’t forget: to build your credit rating and be considered for credit limit increases, always use your card sensibly. That means staying within your credit limit and paying your monthly minimum payment on time. If you don’t do these important things, it could harm your credit rating and make it more difficult to get credit.


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Why choose a Vanquis credit card?

Simple: because we’re a company you can trust. At Vanquis, we’re part of the Provident Financial Group and we’ve been helping people like you to manage their own money for more than 140 years. So far, we’ve already helped over 4 million people on their journey to better credit. Why not apply online today and join them?


We work hard to make sure that our credit builder credit cards are easy to apply for and simple to manage. Don’t want to take our word for it? Check out our Trustpilot reviews to read what our customers say.


Above all, we’re honest and responsible when it comes to credit builder credit cards, and we only offer them to people who we think will be able to afford the repayments. That means you can choose us with confidence.

5 easy steps for building your credit rating with a Vanquis credit card

  1. Use your Vanquis credit card often
  2. Always stay within your credit limit
  3. Pay at least the minimum payment due on time, every month. If you can only make the minimum payment each month, it will take you longer and cost you more to clear your balance. To reduce the amount of interest you get charged, whenever it’s possible we recommend that you pay as much as you can, not just the minimum payment
  4. Keep your other accounts paid on time and always in order, including credit cards, loans, catalogues, mobile phone and mortgages
  5. Don't take on too much debt elsewhere: you should always be able to afford the debt that you have
Read more on improving your credit score >

How to apply for a credit card

Our online application process couldn’t be simpler or more secure. It even begins with a 60-second eligibility ‘soft’ check, giving you an initial decision without wasting your time or damaging your credit file.


Perhaps you're on a low income or retired? Or you've run into difficulties and been left with bad credit or a poor credit history? You may simply have no credit history at all?


At Vanquis, we carefully assess the personal situation you’re in right now, rather than just turning you away based on the past. That’s how we help find the best credit card for you.




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Top features of the Vanquis credit card

A sensible starting credit limit with room to grow

As a new customer, you'll start with an easy-to-manage credit limit. After your 5th statement, you may be eligible for a credit limit increase with further increases every 5 months.


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A simple online credit card application process

It's quick and easy to apply for a Vanquis credit card. Use our simple eligibility checker and we may be able to give you a decision in just 60 seconds., We’ll then process your application and let you know the next steps.


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Help when you need it

We offer responsible, reliable and sympathetic support whenever you need it. You can view our FAQs to find a quick answer to your question or if you need to speak to someone, our UK-based Customer Service team are here for you.


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