Our guide to credit cards


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Read our credit card guides to help you better understand credit cards and choose a card to suit you and your needs. Used well a credit card can be a secure and flexible way to spread costs. Whether you have bad credit or little to no credit history, a Vanquis Credit Card can help. Find out more about different types of credit card like balance transfer. Going on holiday soon? Find out how a credit card could help.


Credit cards after bankruptcy

How to get credit after bankruptcy and much more about bankruptcy discharge.

Bankruptcy guide

Instant approval credit cards

Read about instant approval credit cards, what they are and how to apply for them.

Instant approval guide

Low income credit cards

Whether you are self-employed, on benefits or unemployed read how a credit card could benefit you.

Low income guide

Student credit cards

A guide on student credit cards, what they are and their benefits. Along with tips on managing finances as a student.

Student credit card guide

Your first credit card

A first credit card will give you a chance to build up a credit history safely. Read our guide page to find out if a credit card could be right for you.

First credit card guide

Using a credit card on holiday

We've put this holiday guide together to help provide you with more information when using your credit card abroad. Follow our tips to find out the smart way to use your credit card on holiday.

Holiday credit card guide

Credit card charges explained

When considering whether to get a credit card there are many fees and charges to be aware of. Let us guide you through what to look out for.

Credit card charges guide

Credit card vs. debit card

When it comes to everyday purchases and transactions, it can be difficult to decide to use a debit card or credit card. Read our guide to help decide.

Credit vs. debit guide

Money transfer credit cards

Money transfer credit cards allows you to move money from your credit card directly into your chosen current account.

Money transfer credit card guide

Credit card statements

Here we’ll go into detail on your credit card statement, how long to keep your statements for and what to look out for.

Statements guide