Accessibility changes


Here's how we can help you manage your account more easily.



We know our customers needs are not all the same. That's why we're committed to providing services that are accessible to everyone. Here's more about the services we offer which can help if you're physically impaired.

Braille, large print, audio and coloured overlays

If you're visually impaired, we can provide your statements and letters in:

  • Braille
  • Large print
  • Audio
  • Coloured overlays

How to get it

You can call us on 0330 009 3000 and tell us which format you prefer. Check our opening hours before calling. 

Chip and signature cards

Chip and signature cards can help if you have memory or mobility impairments and have trouble using your PIN. It means you can use your signature instead of your PIN when your pay with your card.

How to get it

You can order a Chip and Signature card from us by calling us on 0330 009 300. Check our opening hours before calling.

Authorised User

If you have difficulty speaking over the phone or need help managing your Vanquis account, you can let someone you trust help with your banking. You can nominate this person as an authorised user. Once you've chosen someone, they can:

  • query account information like balance, transactions, and statements
  • change your payment due date
  • make 3rd party payments
  • lower your credit limit
  • ask for a PIN reminder
  • make a complaint
  • dispute transactions
  • report a card lost or stolen

How to get it

Call us on 0330 009 300 and we'll send you an Authorisued User form in the post. Complete this form and send it back to us at:


Vanquis Visa Card Customer Services
PO Box 399

Text relay

A text relay service can translate speech to text or text to speech, which can help if you have trouble hearing or speaking over the phone. You can call us via Relay UK for free, and a relay operator will type out what you say. You can then read this on your device and you'll be able to either speak or type your reply.


Relay UK is a third party service which means it's not provided by Vanquis Bank.

How to get it

Visit Relay UK for more information on how to get set up. We look forward to your call.


*See our telephone numbers, opening hours and call charge information.