John's story


John struggled with gambling and realised he needs help.


At first John was gambling because he enjoyed it, he knew when to stop. After a few years he found himself taking bigger risks, betting money he didn't have. His social and work life began to suffer as he started missing commitments.


John ignored calls from his bank as he tried to avoid the topic of missing bill payments. John did not think we would offer support. After seeking help from his family, they quickly advised him to call us to find out how we could help.


How Vanquis helped


John gave us a call and got through to Amy from our support team. Amy immediately saw John needed support with his account. Amy gave John the time to explain his situation without judgement, and she reassured him that we can help.

  • Amy and John went through his finances and agreed a repayment plan. Amy ensured that this agreement did not impact his priority bills like rent, council tax and utilities.
  • Amy offered contact details to a national gambling support charity. John explained to Amy that he was already receiving support from his local service.
  • With a plan agreed and support in place, Amy set up regular calls to ensure easy contact was maintained during John's repayment plan.


As time went on John got back in control of his account. The payment plan was ended, and Amy made sure John was aware of ways he could easily manage his account such as the Vanquis App. He is now managing his account well and recovering from his addiction with continued local support.





Worried, John decided to make the initial call. He thought due to his situation no one would help him. However, John was relieved with the support on offer and would urge anyone in financial difficulty to contact their bank for help.


If you relate to John’s story or need support with financial difficulties, please call us on 0330 099 3002*. We’re here to listen and understand your situation, and this way we can make sure we support you in the best possible way.


*See our opening hours and call charge information.