Mary's story


Struggling with mental health, how can we help?


Mary never missed a payment, she was keen to always make sure her account was in good working order. This good management was disrupted by an issue with her welfare benefits which created stress for Mary. Looking at her new financial situation Mary started to feel overwhelmed.


Mary attempted to fix the issue with her benefits but felt she was getting nowhere. With more reliance on her credit card the balance and payments started to grow. Mary’s other bills were now becoming an issue and she struggled to make ends meet. The stress and overwhelming feeling slowly switched to depression and anxiety. She decided to take action and contacted her local mental health charity. They advised her to contact Vanquis to talk about support.


How Vanquis helped


Mary was anxious as she made the call to our support team. She got through to Mark who allowed her to explain the situation. Mark made her feel at ease and they discussed her options.

  • We offered Mary a chance to reduce her monthly payments and agree on an arrangement which she could comfortably afford.
  • Mark offered Mary the services of Income Max a charity partner of Vanquis. Income Max could help Mary appeal her benefit issues and more.
  • Along with the arrangement a portion of her charges and interest was refunded to further alleviate the stress.
  • Regular catch-ups and advice on how to manage her account online.


Keeping in regular contact our support team continues to ensure the arrangements agreed are affordable and manageable. With these positive steps Mary has since gone on to maintain her account.





Mary was glad she called us for support, she had been worried about speaking to us. She felt relieved and said the arrangement had given her space to breathe. With the added help of Income Max she was grateful. Mary is now aware that Vanquis is available to help customers in difficult times.


If you relate to Mary’s story or need support with financial difficulties, please call us on 0330 099 3002*. We’re here to listen and understand your situation, and this way we can make sure we support you in the best possible way.


*See our opening hours and call charge information.