Sarah's story


Sarah struggled with a dementia diagnosis and poor health.


Sarah first suffered a heart attack but was recovering well. During her recovery Sarah had more bad news regarding her health. Sarah was told that she was suffering from early dementia. With this new dementia diagnosis, Sarah found it difficult to remain on top of her bills. Sarah’s partner Claire recognised that she would need extra help. She decided to contact Vanquis on Sarah’s behalf.


How Vanquis is helped


Claire called us and with Sarah’s over-the-phone authorisation, we were able to speak to Claire. Maxine from our support team allowed time for Claire to explain the situation. We took some quick steps to help Sarah and Claire. First of all, with the help of our support team, we:

  • Sent out an ‘Authorised User’ request form. This form provides Claire with a way to discuss Sarah’s account and provide support.
  • Set up an initial agreement based on Sarah’s health and financial situation. It was an agreement Sarah and Claire thought best suited her.
  • Set-up regular catch-up calls to ensure the plan was manageable for Sarah.
  • Told Sarah and Claire about free help they could access to help support Sarah during this time of uncertainty


During regular catch-ups Claire kept us up to date, and we remained flexible. It became apparent that Sarah’s health was worsening. In Sarah's best interests we agreed to write off her outstanding amount. This way Sarah could focus on her long-term recovery free from worry.





With Claire’s support Sarah was able to allow a trusted partner to manage her account while she recovered. Vanquis aims to work with our customers and any 3rd party support they may need.


If you relate to Sarah’s story or need support with financial difficulties, please call us on 0330 099 3002*. We’re here to listen and understand your situation, and this way we can make sure we support you in the best possible way.


*See our opening hours and call charge information.