Credit Card Security - Lost or Stolen Information


This page contains important information about what action you should take in the event your Vanquis card is lost or stolen


Key summary

  • Dedicated phone number if your card is lost or stolen 0800 783 9003 or +44 161 444 4495 from abroad. Please click here for opening hours and call charge information.
  • Always dispose of personal documents securely.
  • Choose a secure telephone password and don’t share it with anyone.
  • Don’t write your PIN down or share it with anyone, including us. Please note, we’ll never ask you for it either.
  • Check your statements.
  • Only shop at secure websites and never give your personal details by email.


What if my Vanquis Visa Card is lost or stolen?

  • Call us as soon as possible on 0800 783 9003 or +44 161 444 4495 from abroad. Please click here for opening hours and call charge information.
  • We will cancel your card and block your account right away.
  • Call us immediately if any charges you don’t recognise appear on your statement. We may not be able to take any action if you don’t.
  • If you think your identity may have been stolen and want to make sure no fraudulent applications have been made in your name, you can check your credit report for free at Free Experian credit report.


We’ll look out for you, too


Everything you need to know about protecting yourself against credit card fraud.


What is fraud?


Credit card fraud is any use of your card or card number to make purchases without your knowledge.


This can happen if

  • Your card is stolen.
  • Someone copies your card details and makes a duplicate.
  • Someone gets hold of your card details and uses them to make payments over the phone, internet or by mail order.


What is identity theft?

Identity theft is when someone steals, or appropriates, your name and personal details without your knowledge, then uses these details to commit identity fraud by opening credit accounts, obtaining loans, or buying goods in your name.


This may have come from a discarded credit card, bank statements, other personal documents or even pre-selected credit card offers you've thrown away.


Dispose of any documents that include any personal information (such as date of birth, financial information, national insurance number or your home address) in a secure manner. For example, shred them before disposal.


Telephone password security


We use your password to verify your identity so it is very important you keep it safe. With this in mind:

  • Don’t share your password with anyone including friends and family.
  • If you suspect someone has found out your password please call Customer Services to reset it. We’ll ask you additional security questions so have your Vanquis Visa Card with you when you call.
  • Choose a password that can’t be guessed. Avoid your first name, last name, or even words like 'password' or 'Vanquis'.


Chip and PIN security


Keep your card safe with these tips:

  • Use any cash machine to change your PIN (Personal Identification Number) to something you can easily remember.
  • DON’T store your PIN in your mobile or write it down.
  • Forgotten your PIN? We can send you a PIN reminder. You can order a PIN reminder for your own card or an additional card holder by using Vanquis QuickCall on 01623 23 23 23. Please click here for opening hours and call charge information.
  • DON'T tell anyone your PIN, including friends and family. We’ll never ask you for your PIN for any reason.


Shopping securely


On the high street:

  • Always keep your card safe and never lend it to anyone else.
  • Save your receipts and check them against your monthly statements.
  • Dispose of your card receipts carefully as they may include your card details.
  • Don’t let anyone see your PIN when at a cash machine or in a store. If in doubt guard the keypad with your hand whilst you type in your PIN.
  • Look out for non-genuine cash machines and suspicious devices bolted onto card readers at cash machines and terminals.


On the phone:

  • Always ask the retailer to confirm the exact amount you will be charged.
  • Don’t ever tell anyone your PIN. You don’t need to give your PIN to complete a transaction over the phone and no one needs to know your PIN number – not even us or the police.
  • Don’t give out your card details over the phone to a company you’re not familiar with.


Over the internet:

  • Only shop at secure websites (look for the padlock or unbroken key symbol).
  • Ensure that your computer software is up-to-date, and install and maintain reputable antivirus/spyware software.
  • Never answer emails that ask for your personal, bank account or security information – even if they appear to come from your bank. If you think that the email is genuine, then manually type your bank's website address in your browser and call the relevant number listed on the live internet website. Do not use the links and phone numbers or any contact details in the email.