Help with your PIN?


Everything you need to know about your credit card PIN.


What is a PIN?

A PIN is a 4-digit code that you use with a chip and PIN credit card. Also known as a 'personal identification number' your PIN is only needed for making in-store purchases and cash withdrawals.


Our cards support contactless transactions. But to enable contactless you need to use your PIN in-store first. After this first Chip and PIN transaction the contactless feature will be enabled.


Please visit our ‘Using your credit card’ page if you need help using your card.


Tips to keep your PIN safe:

  • Never write down or share your PIN with anyone – not even with Vanquis.
  • Use your PIN discreetly - try to cover the keypad in shops or at cash machines to stop others from seeing your number.
  • Do not use your PIN when shopping online or over the phone. Beware of any websites which asks you to enter your PIN.

About your PIN

Here’s some useful guides and tips about your PIN. Use the links below to navigate to the relevant section:


Request a PIN reminder


Is your PIN locked?


Change your PIN to something memorable


PIN's for replacement credit cards


Get your PIN reminder

There are a few ways to access your PIN if you’ve forgotten it. Here are your options:

  • Vanquis app: view your PIN instantly by selecting 'Manage My Card' and tap 'View PIN'. Download the Vanquis app.
  • Text service: text the word 'PIN' to 07860 094990 from the mobile number registered to your account*. We will post a reminder to your address within 5-7 working days
  • Automated phone service: call 0330 099 3000* (available 24 hours a day) and select the relevant option. Note: this is the only way to request a reminder for an additional cardholder.

If requested through the Text service or Automated phone service, your PIN reminder can take 5-7 working days to reach you.

PIN locked? Here's what to do

What you need to know depends on how you locked your PIN. Was it at a cash machine or were you buying something in-store?


Buying something in store? If you incorrectly entered your PIN 3 times, here's what you need to know.

  • It locks to keep things safe, you can't use the PIN in-store
  • But don't worry, you can still:
    - Use Google Pay or Apple Pay
    - Shop online
    - Buy things over the phone
  • You need to unlock your PIN using your correct PIN at a cash machine

Getting cash from ATMs? If you incorrectly entered your PIN 3 times, here's what you need to know.

  • Your PIN will automatically be unlocked the day after
  • With a locked PIN, you can't get cash from ATMs or pay in stores
  • If you can't wait until the next day, you can unlock your PIN using your correct PIN at a cash machine

If you don’t know your correct PIN, you can view your PIN in the Vanquis app before you unlock it.


Change your PIN to something memorable

To change your PIN you first need to know the correct PIN. Using the correct PIN you can change it at most UK cash machines. Look for a cash machine displaying the Visa logo to get started:

  1. Insert your credit card and enter the PIN.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to change your PIN.

Avoid these things when changing your PIN:

  • Number combinations or sequences, such as 1234, 2222 or 9876.
  • Don’t use your date of birth or variations of it.
  • Don’t use parts of your phone number or anything which other people may guess.

If you don’t know your correct PIN, you’ll need to get a PIN reminder before you can change it.


PIN's for replacement cards

If you have received a replacement card, the reason for it being sent will determine whether or not you will receive a new PIN:


You will keep the same PIN if:

  • Your card was damaged.
  • Your card expired.
  • You reported your card lost or stolen and you didn’t request a new PIN.

You will receive a new PIN if:

  • You reported your card lost or stolen and you told us you wanted a new PIN.
  • You reported your card lost or stolen and you told us your PIN was compromised.


*See our telephone numbers, opening hours and call charge information.