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Read our help articles about your Vanquis credit card.



From time to time, you might need to know something specific about your Vanquis card. There could be a question you need answering or you might need help using your card.


We've put together a set of help articles for our Vanquis credit card customers. Here we can help you find the information you need.


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Using your credit card


Find help with activating your card, replacement cards, contactless payments and your PIN.




Using your physical card


All about your PIN

Cash transactions


Read about withdrawing cash and using your credit card for cash transactions.

Cash transactions

Disputing a transaction


Find out how to make a claim on your credit card purchases.

Disputing a transaction

Using your credit card abroad


Check out how to use your card abroad and what charges you should know about.

Using your card abroad

Making payments to your credit card


Find out every way that you can pay your Vanquis card.

Paying my credit card

Lost or stolen cards


What should you do if your card is lost or stolen? Find out here.

Lost or stolen card


You can also try our help articles on Managing you credit card account if you don't see what you need above.


Manage your credit card using the Vanquis app

It is quick and easy managing your Vanquis credit card with the Vanquis app. Download it now and take advantage of these features and more:

  • View your PIN and card details
  • Verify online purchases
  • Make payments and set up automatic payments
  • Check your transactions
  • See up to 12 months of statements
  • Report your card lost or stolen
  • Change your address and contact details

The Vanquis app




Vanquis App

More help & support

You might also find it useful to take a look at our guidance around Understanding Credit. This includes information on your credit score, how you could improve your score and what to do if you have no credit history.


We also have a number of guide articles for credit cards and personal loans, and our fraud section will help keep you and your account protected from scams and other fraudulent activity.