How to Increase Your Credit Limit


Learn how your credit limit can be increased over time by managing your Vanquis account responsibly


Getting a Credit Limit Increase with Vanquis can be simple. By following the steps explained in the video and infographic you can increase your chances of getting a higher credit limit.


Watch Our Great Video: How to Get Credit Limit Increases With Vanquis




Plan Your Route To Increased Credit Milestone By Milestone.


Sometimes in life the things we want are beyond our credit limit, both what we want now and in the future. But we can change all that.


Make sure you are aware of your current Vanquis credit limit at all times and the amount of credit remaining to spend.


Use your Vanquis Credit Card regularly for everyday spending without going over limit. Always remember to leave enough available credit for recent transactions, interest and charges to avoid going over limit.


Set up a direct debit instruction for the Vanquis minimum or full payment – so you never miss a Vanquis payment.


Join eVanquis to check your statements online and get SMS reminders and/or check your balance regularly using Quickcall 01623 23 23 23


Download our wall planner & plan your way to a credit limit increase.


Make use of your additional credit limit after each credit limit increase. Use your Vanquis card regularly and stay within your limit. By doing this you could be considered for further credit limit increases.


Sign up for tips and advice from Vanquis for improving your credit limit.


Check your credit rating from time to time and see those green ticks multiply.



For more information why not check out our Credit Limit Increase Infographic:


Simply click the image below to download it as a PDF or click here to download our printer friendly version in black and white.