Contact us for fraud protection


Contact us immediately if you have any unauthorised transactions on your statement so we can help protect you and your account.


Contacting you if we see any unusual activity on your account

We may send you a text message, email or call you if we spot any unusual activity on your account. It is important that you make sure we have got your up-to-date mobile number and other contact details at all times.


If you receive a text message from us, please reply promptly with a simple ‘Y’ or ‘N’ to confirm whether the transaction was authorised by you or to let us know if you did not authorise the transaction. If we receive a ‘No’ response from you then we will contact you shortly afterwards to go through what we can do next to ensure that any adverse effect to your account is kept to a minimum. Vanquis staff will never ask you to confirm transactions by clicking a link.


Suspicious calls or texts (vishing or smishing)

If you receive a call or text from an unrecognised number claiming to be Vanquis Bank, please contact us on our general enquiries number 0330 099 3000*. Vanquis staff will never ask you to disclose your card PIN or one-time passcode, to hand over your card or cash, or to transfer money to another account.


Suspicious emails (phishing)

If you feel you have been a victim of a phishing or another scam from someone claiming to be from Vanquis Bank and shared your personal and/or financial information please contact us.


Contact details for Vanquis Bank

Fraud enquiries: 0330 099 3000*. For more information on raising a claim for a transaction you do not recognise, you can visit our unrecognised transactions page.


Dispute enquiries: 0330 099 3000*. To find out further information around raising a dispute and what information you need before you contact us you can visit our Disputing a transaction page.


Lost and stolen line: 0800 783 9003* or +44 161 444 4495* from abroad or report within the Vanquis app.


General enquiries: Visit our contact us page for the latest information including phone numbers and opening times.


View our opening hours and call charges.

Useful websites

Action Fraud – Report fraud.


Cifas – Protect your identity.


FCA ScamSmart – Avoid investment and pension scams.


Get Safe Online – Useful tips on protecting yourself from fraud.


Get Safe Online Website Checker - A tool that can be used to check whether a website is likely to be legitimate or a scam. 


Met Police – Latest fraud alerts and other useful tips on protecting yourself from fraud.


Royal Mail Redirection – Redirect your mail when you move address to help protect against identity fraud.


Take Five – National fraud awareness campaign.