Instant Approval Credit Cards


If your credit score is good, you can usually be accepted for any type of credit card. If your credit score is low or you don’t have enough credit history, you can apply for a credit builder credit card or a credit card for bad credit.


Whatever your situation is, it’s always a good idea to check your eligibility for a card before making an application. This way you can find out if you can get a credit product without an application going on your record. That’s important, because making too many applications can damage your chance of getting credit.


What is an instant decision credit card?

With an instant decision credit card, the lender can give you an instant decision about whether your application for the card is likely to be successful. This initial decision usually comes after the lender has carried out a ‘soft’ check on your credit file. Soft credit checks are noted on your credit file but they aren’t taken into account by a lender when they make a decision.


Even when a lender gives you an instant decision, this isn’t guaranteed. The lender will probably need you to meet certain conditions, so this instant decision is actually more of a guide. If you continue with your application, more checks will be made on your credit history. These checks might include a full - or ‘hard’ - credit check, which will be recorded on your credit file.


Being ‘pre-approved’ for a Vanquis credit card

What check will I need?


Your eligibility check will tell you if you can apply for a credit card. However, a lender will still need to carry out some checks on you to help decide whether their cards/products are right for you. These checks will include a full credit check along with some fraud and affordability checks.


At Vanquis Bank we’ll also give you a quick welcome phone call to explain how our products and services work. We give you some helpful information before your application is accepted and we issue your new card.


How quickly will I receive my credit card?


When you take our 60-second Eligibility Check, we can give you an instant initial response. This will indicate whether your full application would be accepted. If you go ahead and apply for a Vanquis credit card, we’ll call you to let you know our decision within 28 days of your application.


Once you’ve got guaranteed acceptance, you’ll usually receive your new card within 10 - 14 days of the acceptance date. This could take a bit longer if we need to contact you for more information. To give you extra security and peace of mind, we’ll also send your unique PIN (Personal Identification Number) in the post, separately from your card.


Can I have a credit card if I have bad credit?


Yes. Our cards are designed for people with low credit scores, so you could be eligible for one even if you have bad credit. Your credit score might be low for a number of reasons, like previous missed payments on cards or loans. It could even be low just because you’ve never had a credit card before, or because you moved to the UK recently. Whatever your situation, an instant credit card for bad credit could help you build or rebuild your credit file – so long as you use it correctly.


Is there anything to speed up the process?


Our process is designed to protect your security, and also so that we only give cards to people who will really benefit from them. To speed the process up, please make sure you give us accurate information at the application stage. Also, please try to respond quickly and accurately if we ask you for any further information.


How to apply for an instant credit card

Our online application form is the quickest and simplest way to apply for a Vanquis credit card. Before you apply, use our 60-second online Eligibility Checker to get an instant initial decision without it showing up on your credit file. Don’t forget; we’re happy to accept applications even if you’ve been turned down for credit elsewhere.


We offer a responsible and reliable financial service and a sensible way to stay in control of your money. To find out if you could join the 4 million* people we’ve already accepted for one of our instant approval credit cards, view our range of credit cards and then check your eligibility